DSA Advanced Science


DSA Advanced Science provides a competitive edge above our regular syllabus programmes and serves to cater to different points of focus for our high-achieving PSLE students. It also aims to fulfil advanced students’ wish for more knowledge.

Course Outline

  1. Students are taught specific topics in Biology (1st module), Chemistry and Physics (2nd module).
  2. Skills and knowledge papers comprises questions very similar to science-competition style are included.
  3. All questions are challenging and aim to hone student’s analytical thinking and logical deduction skills.
  4. Besides focusing on the theory of the topics, activities and experiments relating to the topics will be conducted to strengthen the knowledge of the students.


  • Year End Holiday 10 lessons
  • Mid Year Holiday 10 lessons

 Lesson Plan

Module 1 - Biology
Year End Holidays, 10 Lessons
Module 2 - Chemistry & Physics
June Holidays, 10 Lessons
- Cells, Tissues, Organs & Systems
- Movement of Substances
- Enzymes
- General Health
- Skills Paper
- Respiration
- Human Anatomy
- Genetics and Heredity 
- Basic Ecology 
- Knowledge Paper
- Scientific Method
- Kinetic Particle Theory & Atomic Structure
- Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
- Separation Techniques
- Units & Measurements
- Rate & Speed; Mass, Weight & Density
- Forces & Pressure
- Thermal, Sound & Electrical Energy
- Reflection & Refraction of Light
- Quiz I & II (15 MCQs each)


Topics covered are subjected to change depending on the ability of students.