P2 Science Explorer



    1. Enhance students’ interest and understanding in Science.
    2. Fulfil students' curiosity to know the world around them.
    3. Build up students’ scientific reasoning and classification techniques
    4. Offer students a head-start and edge to excel in primary school Science.


        • Mid Year Holiday 10 lessons
        • September Holiday 5 lessons

Teaching Method

  • Learn through inquiry-based experiments and activities.
  • Students are encouraged to explore and investigate the surroundings around them with their classmates.
  • Identify distinctive characteristics that can help students perform classification, inference & logical deduction
  • Students' interest can be enhanced by activities such as:
    • Cryptic discovery! (An outdoor treasure hunt that prompts students to think and act)
    • Dark Escape (A “Taboo” twist on the “Mystery Box” encouraging communication)



Lesson Plan

Mid Year Holiday

Diversity (Classification of Animals)
Diversity (Classification of Plants)
Parts of the Plant 
September Holiday

Magnets and its Interactions

Topics covered are subjected to change depending on the ability of students.

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