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Mr Kam Wen Zhong

Mr Kam graduated with a Second Upper Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Mathematical Sciences, with a specialisation in Statistics, from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). During his university days, Mr Kam provided tuition to Secondary students of different levels who went on to achieve good results. He also conducted Mathematics Remedial Programme in a Secondary School. Being an approachable and amiable individual, Mr Kam is able to build good rapport with his students and engage them in the lesson. Besides that, he recognises the importance of conceptual understanding and conscientious practice to augment students’ confidence in the subject area and subsequently instil an inherent interest in the student for the subject. Thus, Mr Kam uses different methods and real life examples to help students grasp the necessary concepts with the aim of developing a strong foundation in the subject. He believes that when there is understanding together with adequate practice, the student will excel.


Mr Max Lim

Mr Lim graduated from Hwa Chong Institution and is currently pursuing a degree in National University of Singapore, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr Lim has a strong interest for science, especially in Physics and Chemistry.He has contributed to Science Hub during his secondary school days by designing experimental material and method for lessons.

Mr Lim strongly believes in learning through self discovery and pushes students to learn through self derivation, rather than absorbing spoon-fed information. Students equipped with the fundamental knowledge in a subject, can excel given the right guidance, subtle prompts and reminders.

Mr Dominic Wong

Mr Wong graduated from Pioneer Junior College with excellent results, scoring As in H2 Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at National University of Singapore.

Mr Wong has proven to be adept in Mathematics and Science as he had obtained distinctions since young. His ability to simplify complicated concepts has allowed him to solve difficult problems in examinations dexterously.

Throughout his journey of education, Mr Wong had helped many of his weaker classmates to achieve better results. It is through this experience of teaching his peers that led him to take up the profession of teaching. He is also known to be patient and clear in explaining difficult concepts to students.

Mr Wong believes that under the guidance of a good teacher, students will be rewarded with good results.

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Mr Joseph Yon

Mr Yon graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Marine and Offshore Technology. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor in Civil Engineering in Nanyang Technological University. Mr Yon gives tuition to upper and lower secondary students, particularly in Mathematics and Science. He always believes that Mathematics’ foundation can be built from young and even be pushed further through challenges. Together with his passion in teaching Mathematics and Science, he is able to stimulate the students’ vast interest in these subjects.

Mr Yon is an enthusiastic teacher who actively participates in extra curriculum activities such as community services and leadership programs. Being involved in many activities, he is able to bring real life experiences and knowledge to student in learning Sciences.