Why Choose Us?

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Every child may have a different learning habit. However, no child should ever have to learn on his own.

Quiet and reserved or inquisitive and outgoing, our young learners will enjoy an enriching experience with our programmes.


Our materials are crafted by full-time teachers. Their experience and engagement in class ensure the materials are challenging yet well-paced.

The materials are revised and updated yearly, keeping in close relevance to syllabus and style of current school examinations.

The Primary Science syllabus focuses on acquiring knowledge through interaction with the world around us. We focus on building up keen observation skills and analytical techniques to determine the validity and fairness of their observations. These are part of the assessment guidelines of schools, with increased emphasis on application-type questions.



Traditionally, interaction between teacher and students in class-based learning has been limited by time constraint and class size. However, adaptation of relevant technology has allowed us to take advantage of new and improved learning methods.

Accompanying presentational slides illustrate a clear line of thinking process and highlight important key processes to aid the development of students' analytical skills.

These technological implementations streamline the learning progress and allow us to focus on the fundamentals of learning: making the class interesting and engaging.



Our passion for education originates from a strong team of core full-time teachers. Training workshops are conducted regularly to continuously update and refine our methodology. Our teachers are well-versed not only in their academic discipline but also in delivering content and knowledge effectively through technology.



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