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Mr Fang Chao

Mr. Fang graduated from National University of Singapore with Second Upper Class Honours degree in the faculty of Science (Quantitative Finance). He was in the Dean’s list twice and had been awarded the Undergraduate Scholarship PRC student for his 4 years’ course in National University of Singapore. Currently, he is pursuing his Master in Quantitative Finance at NUS.

In 2000, Mr. Fang emerged 1st position in the prestigious Zu Chong Zhi math contest for P6 students, despite being only a P5 student. In the 2001 Chinese National Primary Math Olympiad Competition, Mr. Fang was the top scorer in the second round with a perfect score. During the final round, he and his team emerged as the Overall Champions. As such, his experience in Math Olympiad training is certainly among the best in the country.

Mr. Fang is very experienced in teaching the key points of each topics and explaining the questions in the simplest way. He is able to help his students to increase their passion in Mathematics and also has a strong aspiration to motivate, shape and develop young minds.

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Mr Li Yunzhi

Mr. Li graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS), he obtained his Bachelor in Mathematics (First Class Honors) in 2012, with an outstanding GPA of 4.63/5.00. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Mathematics at NUS.

Mr. Li has a deep understanding of the Math Olympiad formats, with his exposure to Math Olympiad Competitions since the age of 9. He has since won numerous awards such as SMO open section gold award. Mr. Li also very familiar with the secondary and JC school syllabus, especially for the O level and A level exam. During the past 8 years, Mr Li had helped many students to achieve an excellent result for their test.

He also enjoys interacting with children and is passionate about imparting his mathematical knowledge. He knows the techniques used in Math competitions well and is equipped with the skill in breaking down the problems for younger students to comprehend.

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Miss Shi Hong

Ms.Shi owns a master degree in the English language and literature and has a passion for teaching English and Science which allows her to fulfill her dream to nurture the young generations.

As for Science class, her teaching focuses more on thinking skills than on actual content, which leads to understanding the meaning behind the concepts. She uses tangible examples to illustrate intangible concepts and summarizes the concepts for the students to remember effectively and wisely. She notices that the difficult questions on exam papers differentiating the performances of students are usually tricky questions involving some confusing concepts and she makes sure that all the possible answers in the students’ mind are properly addressed. Meanwhile she will provide necessary materials and extra exercises for the students to examine what they have learned and ensures that they have really mastered the knowledge.

As for English class, Ms shi has a strong grasp of English herself and has taken many English tests (such as GMAT, GRE, TOFEL, IELTS) with high marks herself. She understands the problem of the students in learning English language and help the students to improve their reading comprehension by explaining the complicated sentence patterns and grammar rules. She also helps the students to enlarge their vocabulary by memorizing and differentiating synonyms and antonyms. Besides, she is dedicated to enhancing language skills in writing and speaking through a creative approach which is proven by students’ continuous achievements and backed by 10 years’ teaching experiences.

To sum up, the students will be encouraged interests and actively engaged in the learning processes so that they can develop themselves to their full and achieve ideal results. Many top scorers both in English and Science have born testimony to her teaching methods.

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