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Miss Liauw Wei Zhen

Miss Liauw is a caring and approachable teacher who always ensures that her lessons are enjoyable and engaging to capture and enhance her students' interests in Mathematics.

Being able to relate well to young children, Miss Liauw understands that each student has distinctive learning capabilities and applies different approaches in guiding them to ascertain their optimal potential.

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Miss Ong Wei Qi

Miss Ong has an inquisitive mind for Mathematics and never fails to challenge herself to the limits by doing challenging questions and math puzzles. Since her schooling days, she acts as a peer tutor to her classmates and juniors, aiding them to understand the concept and logic behind the questions set.

Miss Ong is a patient and committed teacher, who will consistently find the best approach to impart to her students the method of solving each and every problem. She has a strong conviction that by engaging her students to participate actively in the lessons, it will help to benefit them and build their passion as well as foundation in Mathematics, which is of utmost importance.

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Miss Ooi Sean Yin

Miss Ooi is a graduate from National University of Singapore. She attended Raffles Junior College and was a recipient of Asean Pre-University Scholarship.

Miss Ooi has over 15 years of experience teaching Mathematics and had been conducting Mathematical Olympiad training since 2007. She is an excellent trainer who meticulously guides her students at the same time emphasizes their interactive participation in class. Her strengths lie in her ability to engage students through strong presentation and efficient delivery skills.

Miss Ooi is currently involved in Mathematical Olympiad training in local primary and secondary schools.

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Miss Persis Phang

Miss Phang has a passion for teaching children as if they are her own, distinguishing her apart from other educators. Her love for children crystallized into a near decade teaching career in Mathematics. Respecting their uniqueness, she engages each student both intellectually and personally with her encouraging nature.

Her strength in problem solving heuristics, especially her ability to convey difficult concepts in an easy way, has motivated many pupils to learn further.

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Mr Bosco Wang

Mr Wang graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore. Since his junior college and university days, he has been providing tuition for Primary and Secondary school students.

Mr Wang has a strong passion for teaching Mathematics and Science. He has a firm belief that every student has the potential to excel in related academics through consistent practice so as to build up confidence in their work. He also aims to achieve maximum engagement in every lesson, as well as reinforcing topical concepts to students with challenging questions.

As a motivating trainer, Mr Wang constantly explores new methodologies to inspire learning interests in his students.

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