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Mr Alex Choong

Mr Choong graduated with Second Upper Class Honours in Mathematical Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Statistics and minoring in Economics.

Mr Choong's strong interest in Mathematics has led him to participate in competitions such as the Singapore - Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools and National Mathematical Olympiad Competition and has achieved Distinction in both competitions. In addition, Mr Choong has passed the Mensa Singapore Raven’s IQ Test.

Mr Choong’s ability in Mathematics was recognized in 2005 when he was invited to train a group of 8 primary school students who competed in the Malaysia state-level SMOPS and won the second runner-up team prize. In university, Mr Choong was a peer tutor to his course mates, helping them in understanding Mathematical theories and solving difficult questions.

Mr Choong believes that an interest in Mathematics can be cultivated and every child with a strong interest in Mathematics can excel in this subject.

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Ms Chong Yen Lu

Ms. Chong graduated from University of Western Australia with Master's Degree in Business, Majoring in Marketing.

Influenced and inspired by her family who is also in the educational industry, Ms. Chong genuinely likes and communicates well with young children. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in each of her students, as she believes that is the key to a successful classroom.

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Ms Chiong Lin Lee

Miss Chiong graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science (Hons) in Finance from University College Dublin – National University of Ireland, Dublin.

Having a jovial and spontaneous personality, she is able to connect with the students and make the class enjoyable. With her teaching experience, she understands that every student has different learning capabilities; therefore, she is always exploring new ways to ensure that her students are able to grasp the concepts taught to the maximum.

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Mr Foo Wilson

Mr Foo graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Second Upper Class Honours in Mechanical Engineering. He has obtained straight A’s in all of his Mathematics & Science subjects in all the past major examination since young. His strong interest & ability in problem solving has made him a popular figure among his peers and students to approach to for difficult Mathematics and Science solutions.

Mr Foo has gathered his teaching experience since his time of pursuing tertiary education. He gives part time tuition in Mathematics and Physics subjects to students which help them to understand the theories and to solve complex questions. His passion, abilities and knowledges allow him to guide the students and improve their grades.

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Ms Pauline Ker

Having worked with the Maths Hub group since 2006, Miss Ker is one of our most experienced trainers. She has been part of the core group of founding trainers who have been developing the curriculum as wells as conducting training. During this period, she has also taught numerous medallists in Math Olympiad competitions such as the NMOS and SMOPS.

Being encouraging and approachable, Miss Ker is well-liked by her students and they feelcomfortable attending her lessons. She understands that each student has distinctive learning capabilities and hence will do her best in guiding them to ascertain their optimal potential. Miss Ker is always in search of new methodology to inspire her students to improve their grades in the subject.

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Ms Lee Pui Ying

Ms Lee graduated with First Class Honours Degree in Science with Education, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Physics. She was on Dean’s list five times during her 4-years course.

She fell in love with Mathematics since young. She has obtained straight A’s in all of her Mathematics and Science subjects in all the past major public examinations. Besides, she also has exposure on mental arithmetic and won several competitions during her school time.

She has more than 5 years of teaching experience and believes that the main purpose of education is to instill in every student a love of learning and a passion for life.

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Mr Tan Way

Mr Tan graduated from NUS High School, where he had numerous opportunities to pursue his passion for Mathematics.

From a young age, Mr Tan has participated in many math competitions out of enjoyment, and was pleasantly surprised by very positive results. He placed in the top 2 for the RIPMWC, NMOS and SMOPS in primary school, and likewise for the 3 categories of the SMO. Mr Tan also had the opportunity to interact with top local and overseas talents through international competitions, as well as being part of the national team for 3 years.

These experiences inspired Mr Tan to explore different aspects of mathematics, including logic puzzles and math modelling, as well as conducting training in school. Mr Tan also embarked on a math research project which placed 1st in the A*STAR Talent Search. He hopes that these diverse experiences will allow him to stimulate interest in his students.

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Mr Dominic Wong

Mr Wong graduated from Pioneer Junior College with excellent results, scoring As in H2 Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at National University of Singapore.

Mr Wong has proven to be adept in Mathematics and Science as he had obtained distinctions since young. His ability to simplify complicated concepts has allowed him to solve difficult problems in examinations dexterously.

Throughout his journey of education, Mr Wong had helped many of his weaker classmates to achieve better results. It is through this experience of teaching his peers that led him to take up the profession of teaching. He is also known to be patient and clear in explaining difficult concepts to students.

Mr Wong believes that under the guidance of a good teacher, students will be rewarded with good results.

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Ms Yvonne Wong

Miss Wong graduated from the Teachers’ Training College and has been educating young children for more than 10 years. She was once a supervisor of a kindergarten.

Miss Wong bonds very well with her students as she recognises their progression through encouragement and rewards. Many students who were taught by her had improved significantly in grades.

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Ms Amanda Yuen

Miss Yuen graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Miss Yuen is very popular among the lower primary students. She believes that nurturing children should start from a very young age. With this in mind, she is keen to educate the young children through fun learning and build a strong foundation in Mathematics so as to prepare them to advance into the next stage in education.

Miss Yuen is involved in the preparation of the IQ Math Program material for the lower primary levels across all centres.

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