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Secondary 1 IP Science

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Secondary 1 IP Science caters to Sec 1 students who are in the Integrated Programme. Sec 2 students who are interested in revising on topics that they have learnt can also enrol for the course.

Course Outline

Coverage of topics is according to that covered by most schools in secondary one.

Students are split into groups each term, depending on whether their school is doing Biology, Physics or Chemistry. In each group, the following is a list of topics that can be covered but are subjected to changes. Topical handouts are inclusive in this programme.

The focus of this programme is to train students on answering exam-based structured questions. These questions are used to gauge the understanding of students and reinforce important concepts.


Introducing Science
- Physical Quantities and

- Mass, Weight, Density 
- Kinematics
- Work, Energy, Power

- Forces and Pressure 
- Turning Effects of Forces
- Effects and Transmission of
- Cells
- Movement of Substances
- Transport in Humans
- Transport in Plants
- Nutrients
- Enzymes
- Nutrition in Humans
- Respiration
- Kinetic Particle Theory
- Measurement and
  Experimental Techniques
- Elements, Compounds and
- Atomic Structure
- Ionic Bonding
- Metallic and Covalent
- Writing Chemical Equations


Topics covered are subjected to change depending on the ability of students.




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